Product Leader manager

I can help you hire and structure the team, align people & implement the processes matching your company stage.

Product Peopleindividual contributor

I can help you maximise your impact, implement life long learning tactics, and develop your leadership.


📝 Format

  • Workspace - We share a notion workspace to prepare & document everything
  • Pre-read - Beforehand, you send me the questions / topics you want to discuss in the next session. If useful, we can also prepare "a program" to deploy on several weeks.
  • Problem first - I'll ask many questions to explore the context and problem, we'll deep dive in the solution together.
  • Flexible posture - Depending on your needs and wishes, I can coach you (you find all the solutions) or mentor you (I provide content & some of the solutions)

⚙️ Logistics

  • 🕒 Length - 2h sessions: Less than 2h is too short for progress, more than that is exhausting.
  • 🔁 Rhythm - Every other week: Less than once a month makes progress harder to achieve, and usually signal a lack of commitment (you can't find time or subjects).
  • 📍 Location - Remote preferred: You save time, and me too. Unless there is a good reason for me to visit your office, I prefer to avoid it.

Interested? Contact me 👇


Is the format flexible?

Yes, sure. I display the usual one because it's the one that works the best in my opinion.

Can we organise a one-time conversation?

Yes. Please note that the quality depends on the pre-read.

How can I be sure that you are the right coach for me?

We will do a first coaching session, free of charge. Our MVP.

But there is no engagement. If you don't find value in our sessions, we just stop.